As a contract captain, John Wampler transited between Florida to New York over 240 times, 15 Panama Canal transits and nearly 40 deliveries to the Great Lakes.

Captain John Wampler is probably one of the most amazing people that my husband and I had the pleasure of spend time with. He made sure that our trip home was safe, and while it took longer than planned, we learned how to use the navigation systems, plotting, radar, etc. He really became not only our Captain, but a true Professor of Boating.

– Client Review

Mission Statement

Over the thirty years whilst working on various yachts, sail and power, I have learned to be not only a team leader, but a team player and efficient worker who likes to see a job done well. I get on well with people and handle stressful situations with a positive sense of humor.

My command philosophy is based on three core principles. To best serve our yacht, crew, and guests, I believe that our individual and collective effort must be rooted in the fundamental tenets of Integrity, Responsibility, and Selflessness. By adhering to these tenets in our daily routine, I believe that we are best prepared to execute the yacht’s many missions.

As an engineer qualified captain, preventative maintenance schedules and planning are my specialty; to ensure that the mission is good to go. I am experienced in conventional, Arneson and water-jet propulsion systems.

My goal, as captain, is to make the ownership of a yacht an enjoyable and exhilarating experience for my employer. My operational command and technical knowledge of yachts is supplemented by safety training, shipboard engineering and procedures learned while serving in the United States Coast Guard and is a valuable asset to the yacht owner.

I welcome your questions or comments.